Ágatha Soho store

New York


Ágatha Ruiz de la Padra

The concept of the store Agatha Ruiz de la Prada New York aims to create a unique space , made of few elements, a simple, colorful and dimensional " store as the brand . A very elongated premises, with a small storefront on a busy street in SOHO New York, surprising passersby. Past the threshold, moving in a tunnel, a kaleidoscope of colors 100 % Agatha, thanks to the implementation of large striped invading walls and floor, and the large mirror at the back of the store that amplifies the effect and multiplies space. A large illuminated display, like a blank canvas, framed garments on display in a very long run bar suspended from the ceiling. The elongated white furniture monolith that is the negative volume store uses the center of the space and serves both as a product and to store counter, opening at random and colorful spaces - container. In the window, brands and floating objects you hung from the ceiling in the multicolor space, welcoming visitors.