Sports Experts

The concept for the new Sports Expert Store came from the response to the clients specific briefing. The space needed to comunicate the essence of the sports world and the values of fashion and modernity without forgetting the commercial aspect of value and price. The starting point for the project was to accentuate the existing large open space and its industrial feeling, this was achieved by leaving the installationand structural elements exposed, and pinted the whole space white. After this process the space evolves into a sports stadiumatmosphere, and becomes a perfect white blank canvas to incorporate the architectural elements necessary. An architectural composition of series of freestanding vertical white walls divide the space into different sales area, and create the overall distribution. The general lighting is composed of fluorescent tbes and projectors which create a floating horizontal grid underneath the structural beams. Concrete, wood and steel are the main materials used in the space giving a warm, modern and trendy feel.