Acaso Office




Within the framework of an industrial building located in Gavá, and with certain architectural qualities, the offices of the company Ascaso are developed, related to accessories and machinery dedicated to the hotel trade and the world of coffee. The project is divided into two work areas. The one belonging to the direction and design of this machinery, and the control of its production. The proposed location for the creative area was on the first floor, a space in which white, minimal, thick and low-height walls are located, dividing the space in the different work areas and allow dialogue between the existing container, strongly marked by its industrial aspect, great girders, air installations seen, etc., and a more domestic, more comfortable space, collected by said walls. The production control area is located on the ground floor. The performance in this space, has sought to take advantage of the qualities of it, especially lighting, and has adapted its morphology in a forceful way. A prism of 55 meters in length that adapts to the only facade where there is natural light, encompasses the different rooms such as offices, dining rooms, kitchen, services, which serve the company's workers. The use of corrugated sheets of translucent polycarbonate, allows different sets of light, both day and night, and emphasize the prominence of the piece, compared to the magnitude of the industrial space, turning it into an ingot of light.