9 Hotel Republique



9 Hotel

Paris. District of République. Old building of 1846, with a neoclassical architecture, very consolidated, which has to contain a new building. An attitude of renovation, modern, that will be evident in the skirting of the façade as the first perception.The dialogue between two architectures that respect each other. The order imposed on the upper floors, classic, ordered, with a regular rhythm of windows and symmetries, is transported to the entrance area, with a sequence of holes, surrounded by Krion, a white material, without joints, new, and establishes the filter between exterior and interior.This transition, from a noisy, chaotic, urban exterior, introduces us to a quiet, relaxed, white and warm space, where the silence of its architecture makes us understand that we are in a radically different space. The furniture doesn't exist. The volumetry of walls and ceilings, formalize the architecture of all the furniture of the reception. Furniture integrated with architecture.The rooms, spaces with important physical limits, are resolved with the same view adopted in the lobby. Simplicity, order and functional clarity. All measured at its fair limit. White as a unifying element of interior composition. The architecture at the service of the function. The tranquility, in short, as a characteristic element of the composition of the future hotel.