9 Hotel Opera Paris



9 Hotel

Castelveciana Arquitectura has just completed the interior design scheme for the new 13-room addition to Paris’ boutique 9Hotel. Partners Jordi Castel and Jordi Veciana and interior designer Skye Maunsell gave the new space on the Rue Papillon an intimate, homelike air that combines functionality with a decidedly contemporary sensibility. In the hotel lobby, the warm, off-white shade of the walls and the distressed leather sofa and oak armchairs make for an inviting, relaxed entrance. The bold red stripes of the wool rug provide a dose of contrasting colour. The mixed palette continues in the bedrooms, where the walls—some painted a warm white hue, others adorned in natural oak—are offset by the chocolate brown, stained-oak floors. Desk chairs and bedside Bestlite lights in vibrant reds and yellows add an element of surprise and playfulness. Only the spacious bathrooms are uniformly white with the contemporary fixtures and installations kept to a clean minimum. Veciana and Maunsell custom designed key pieces of furniture, such as the natural oak bedside tables, to be light, harmonious and functional, thus helping to take maximum advantage of limited space. “Whether we are designing an interior as is the case here in Paris, or an object, or an entire architectural space, our criteria remains consistent,” explains Jordi Veciana. “We look for coherence with the needs of the client, a visual impact that is both powerful and balanced, and an aesthetic that rejects the ephemeral and resists the passage of time.” Castelveciana has clearly succeeded in creating an alluring new address for contemporary travelers looking for the warmth of home in the French capital.