9 Hotel Gallery Sablon



9 Hotel

Brussels. Sablon district. A place clearly marked by exquisite shops, art galleries and elegant antiquaries. An existing hotel building where to develop a new concept. A previous experience. With another hotel of the same hotel group, reference in the city, but that has to be necessarily different to the new project. A common thread that marks the identity of this group but that each new hotel has its own identity. The existing elements of the hotel determine some elements to keep. Large rooms at the level of space, where it will be necessary to arrange its distribution in a premeditated simplicity. A small makeup at the level of materials and light as elements of design and qualification of interiors. The lobby, the first hotel reception area, is lightening the existing functions. the sequence of windows expressed in the facade, and its longitudinal form suggests to us the possibility to emphasize this dimension in the space of the buffet and in the zone living and reception, all hide the program, of the bathroom, room for the suitcases, the executive office, the back office, etc. in two volumes in dark wood, two large prisms of large dimensions that sectorise the space perfectly. A single color, the white, in the walls and in the ground, a concretepoli, make acquire to these volumes an important presence, while formalizing the identity of the space, and making it very luminous. The presence of a small courtyard in the interior of the lobby allows to create a transparency of light, nonexistent currently, everything creates a very attractive visual link with the new existing garden. In the basement are organized the elements of facilities, the laundry, a small gym, and a pool covered with wood and black slate, which gives a new attraction to the hotel. We strategically decided to change the name of the hotel plaus to agree with the current position. 9 Holtel Gallery.